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X1-R – The Only Lubricant With NASA Credentials

X1-R technology is supported by credible scientific research and numerous accolades and has maintained the same high standards with a broad product line of lubricants, greases, fuel and engine treatments and racing additives.

X1-R the only lubricant to be inducted into the Space Foundation/NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame; and is exclusively accredited as, “Certified Space Technology”.

In the mid 1990s NASA discovered a serious problem with the original lubrication system for their “shuttle mobile launch transporter”; a moving set of tracks carrying a 12 million pound load.

Aware of the success X1-R achieved in reducing friction & increasing power for “high performance” vehicles, NASA sought assistance for a monumental challenge- producing an improved “new” lubricant. This new lubricant was tested directly on the crawler and performed perfectly, provided superior lubricating qualities, is biodegradable and had a significantly improved service life than previous lubricants.

Other Prestigious Testing & Credentials

Our lubricants stand up to rigorous testing by: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, Oakland University-Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, The Falex Corporation, NASA, QC Laboratories, Herguth Laboratories, Hyundai, Morgan McClure Racing, Elliott Brothers Racing to name a few. (Full reports available upon request)

Other Certifications: Level I Vibration (Emerson), CLS (Certified Lubrication Specialists)(STLE), Power Fluid Level I (Fluid Power Training Institute), MLA I & II, ICML I, IR Level I, UT Level I, UE Level I, ASE Certified.