Question: Does oil wear out?
Answer: Oil does not wear out. It simply becomes contaminated to the point that it needs to be changed. The actual base stock never wears out. Only the additives in the oil become depleted due to contamination. Better filtration will extend oil life.

Question: Why do I need bypass filtration in addition to  the factory filter?
Answer: The factory “full flow” filter has to handle 100% of the oil supplied to the engine. The micron rating and flow rate are too high to completely clean the oil. The factory filter will protect the engine from large damaging particles (those larger than 25- 30 micron). Particles smaller than 30 micron are too small to be picked up by the main filter. The particles smaller than 4 micron cause the majority of damage to the engine. The SET Filter is a by-pass oil filter, in conjunction with the full flow filter, the oil passes through the SET filter at a rate of only 1.5 gallons per minute. This allows the oil to pass through a dense element, which employs 1 micron filtration to clean the oil without removing any of the oil’s detergents. The element also removes 99% of water.

Question: What about solid contamination?
Answer: In diesel engines solid contamination is primarily fuel soot (carbon) from incompletely burned fuel blowing by the rings and valves guides. Some solid contamination is normal and is the cause of routine oil blackening as additives hold particles in suspension and carry these particles to the factory oil filter for removal. Most factory oil filters are only efficient to 30 microns. Most of these carbon particles are less than 2 microns. The SET filter will remove particles effectively down to 1 micron, catching these particles before they can do damage to the component.

Question: What about additive depletion?
Answer: Lubrication oil consists of two major parts; base stock and additives. The base stock is the primary lubricant, and can be either petroleum or synthetic. Additives perform three basic jobs;

  1. CLEANING the engine by reducing deposits and holding solids in suspension
  2. ANTI-CORROSIVES that neutralize acids
  3. ANTI-WEAR additives that plate or coat metal surfaces to help reduce wear

The SET filter effectively keeps contamination far below levels that cause additive depletion within a healthy engine. The additives stay at a much higher level than they would with the factory filter only. The SET filter also absorbs 99.9% of the water or condensation, which prevents sulfuric acid formation. This helps to extend the life of the additives.

Question: How will the SET filter affect oil additives and detergents that are contained in the new oil?
Answer: The SET filter does not affect oil additives or detergents in any way. These additives will only be used up due to contamination within the oil. Since the oil is constantly kept clean there is little work for most additives to do. The SET filter will not filter these additives out. Liquid additives will be able to pass through the filter catching only the solid contaminants down to 1 micron.

Question: What about hydraulic systems?
Answer: SET also offers a hydraulic oil filtration system. The hydraulic filter offers the same benefits as the oil filter system. It not only extends hydraulic system drains and reduces the amount of wear, but removes 99% of the moisture within the fluids. This reduces cavitation and foaming of the oil. Regular OEM hydraulic filters do not have the ability to remove moisture.

5 Proven Facts

When oil in an internal combustion engine is kept clean it does not wear out; its viscosity does not change; its additive pack is not depleted; acids are kept at minimal levels in the engine; and clean oil does not have to be changed on a “regular” basis.

When an engine runs clean oil 100% of the time, engine wear is significantly reduced and you can expect more than double the historical or expected life of the engine.

Clean oil circulating in an engine 100% of the time does not have to be regularly changed. The only time an oil change will be necessary is when the oil becomes contaminated with excessive fuel, water, or coolant. This can be monitored through oil sampling.

Through the use of SET filters a 75% savings can be realized in  both filter change costs and waste disposal costs.

Clean oil circulating in an engine 100% of the time not only meets but far exceeds the engine manufacturer’s warranty requirements.